According to Yes – by Dawn French

The book for August Book Club was According to Yes, by Dawn French.

On the whole, the group enjoyed this book. As it was written by comedienne Dawn French, we were expecting it to be hilarious, but it wasn’t entirely (although there were some belly laugh moments), it was quite poignant in places.

We agreed that some of the plot was somewhat implausible (I can’t really say which bit without giving too much away!) but it was a compelling story with lots of interesting characters, who all experienced some kind of journey/revelation throughout the book. While the main protagonist is Rosie, in the end we think the more compelling story was Glenn’s – the family matriarch. It was an interesting look at family dynamics and relationships.

I think we’d all be interested in reading some more of Dawn French’s books!

Next month’s book is Driving over lemons: an optimist in Andalucia by Chris Stewart.
Meeting Thurs 14th September, 12:30-13:30 in the Library Meeting Room.